Direct Donation 

PAC provides for many programs in the school by way of family donations. Donations are accepted year-round. All donations $25 and over will receive a tax receipt for the current year. 

Why Direct Donation?
100% of the money goes to the resources we need, not fundraising expenses.

A one-time donation is preferred by our families, instead of doing several smaller fundraisers throughout the year. 

Families will be free to choose how and when they wish to volunteer and participate in the school, without the constant need to fundraise.  

What are PAC Funds Used For?
PAC funds are used to cover the expenses beyond the scope of the Vancouver School Board funding.

Some of these expenses include: new technology such as tablets, laptops, charging stations, SMART boards, sports equipment, library and art resources, performing arts, concerts, dance programs, and classroom book sets.  

For the 2023/24 school year, we are hoping to use the funds for a school-wide dance program with Jess Dance and a gymnastics program for all students. We would like to invest into our music program with instrument upgrades and new materials. In addition, we want to continue to support new technology, our school gardens, pac events, library resources, school-wide art projects, teacher's appreciation dinner, supplement student field trips, and a division distribution to offer individual class support and classroom supplies for our school and students.  

How Much Should We Give?
An average of $100 per Shaughnessy family, will allow us to meet our direct donation goal.

You are welcome to give more or less depending on your personal financial situation. If you would like to donate a much larger amount or have something specific in mind, please reach out and we can help. 

Donations are optional and will not affect the participation of your child or family within the school community.  

A direct donation will allow PAC to continue to focus on our priority to enrich our students' education and to support our teaching staff. Your participation makes an enormous difference to our children, our school, and the Shaughnessy Elementary Community.

Thank you.

There are 2 ways to donate to Shaughnessy PAC:

Reach out to with any questions.