There are many opportunities, big and small, to help at our school. Volunteering is fun, social, and a great way to meet new people and be part of our school communityplus the kids love to see you at school!


Traffic volunteers are needing a few additional parents to help for the morning patrol and/or afternoon patrol at the crosswalk. This only takes about 15 minutes and it helps keep our students and community safe. If you can volunteer please fill in this Google Form. Your help is greatly appreciated!

The yearbook committee needs your support by sharing your pictures of school events. Please only submit high resolution images and choose the best picture instead of sending multiples as this is very time consuming for the yearbook committee. Send in pictures with the name of the activity, division and or grade of the students to shyyearbookcommittee@gmail.com

We will update this page as new events/opportunities come up throughout the year.